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Once i load this plane for flight ,engines running. Try to advance throttle forward, engines do not speed up. My FPS dropped from 40 FPS to 2-3 FPS. The computer is starting to hang up. Once i return throttle to 0, the FPS start to return to normal FPS. I have a Saitek X52 PRO. If i use my mouse to operate throttle. This seems to work. Could there be a conflict between my Saitek X52 Pro config and Xp11 controller config settings. I have tried various config combinations and settings without positive results. I have also found out that every plane that i own, requires different config setting to function properly. My system is a MacPro Tower 2.7Ghs x 2  Amd Radeon 7950 3072 MB
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Same problem with HP Pavillion Windows 10 Nividia GTX 960M and Logitech F3Pro Joystick. It was working in earlier Beta versions but not on latest Beta and now on XP-11.00r1 (first productive version?). I've tried several other aircrafts - all are woking fine
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Just saw a XP11 version from the B787 Dreamliner; and I saw a Promotion code (for upgrade to XP11) on my XP 10 B787 invoice. So I purchased the XP11 B787, entered this promotion code and got it for 9.48 USD (instead of 24.95). It works as the XP10 B787 has worked with early XP11 Beta versions... A bullshit small change to get some coins...

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Being curious, does this happen with standard models too?
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Standard models to. Except the throttle problems with the Boeing 787. I think the joystick config program has major problems since the beginning of Xp11.
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Thid must be a bug sensce PB11. Before that everything works fine.


The bug affect autopilot so you not can "Disengage" the auto throttle..