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So after using x-plane 11 regularly after switching from X-plane 10 I've noticed a few problems. I've looked through the forums but nothing seems to help. So the problems I have are:

- You need to bring back the ability to have terrain contour to the airport.  You have no idea how frustrating it is to not be able to fly to certain airports because of this problem.  When someone else brought this problem up you guys mentioned that the responsibility would now fall to the developers, failing to notice that this would not account for all of the old scenery as well as the FS2Xplane scenery.

- You need to also bring back the ability to turn of hypoxia. I understand that when someone else brought this problem up you said that it wasn't realistic but come on, I was flying from Heathrow to San Diego and it pretty much ruined my flight because the aircraft developer hadn't fully configured the pressurization system when porting over from x-plane 10 (Flight Factor 777-300). If realisim is so important to you then there are so many other things to fix like the sound of squealing brakes, the auto/throttle system in the 747, the entire land mass of Greenland which as I'm currently flying over right now appears as water with mountains in the distance which when reached just disappear and its more water.

- The tugs that are placed at almost every airport also need to be removable.  I flew a flight from Seattle to Juneau which was going very well until I was pulling into the gate and there was a tug blocking the only open gate.


I beg you to please provide an easy solution to all of these problems in the up coming updates.  I've been an avid user of x-plane for many years and I want to buy more products for the simulator but, I'm hesitant because of all of the problems.


Sam Unsworth

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The options to turn off hypoxia effects or flatter airports globally has been restored in pb14 in the Settings > General tab.