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I've just upgraded from XPlane 10 to XPlane and game play is shockingly slow!

I have a high spec Mac... details below:

4GhZ Intel Core i7

16GB memory

AMD Radeon R9 2048MB processor

However, I barely get over 20 frames per second, I need to pull out all the textures and detail so it all looks crap. I have a higher spec machine than the system requirements stipulate! Any ideas?

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First off: BETA, it ain't optimized for FPS (I get 23 FPS still-see my specs below).

Second: Do not max out the graphics (you'll get terrible FPS) since XP is meant to be future proofed-in a couple of years max it out :)

Third: Macs aren't great for XP since cooling become a big issue-poor specs for a outrageous price

 Your GPU is slowing you down considering that it only has 2 gb of VRAM. Recommended is 4 or more. If you got a 1080Ti or Titan, yeah you'll get good FPS. Processor is fine since it's at 4 ghz (what model- I'm curious since I like PC's :)

My Specs

I7 [email protected] ghz

Nvidia GTX 970 SSC ACX 2.0 with 4 gb VRAM

Samsung 850 Evo 256 gb SSD which XP is on

16 gb RAM

2x 4gb Corsair Vegeance

2x 4gb Crucial Ballastix (butchered that name lol)

650 watt PSU

Like I said I get 23 FPS average ;)