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has anyone managed to operate reverse after touchdown with a Boeing 747-800i or 737-800 in XP 11 (latest update 15) at Saitek x52? I always get malfunctions, either reverse is not triggered at all or it cannot be pushed back, or the plane after rollout cannot be moved at all. If your application is successful, can you tell me step by step whhat you do right after touchdown?

appreciate your advice


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There are some issues with the Saitek 52 with some of the functions.   There has been a bug report issued on this problem.  It may require updated drivers from Saitek.
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Hi! Apologies for the late answer. Have you tried binding keys to the yoke to activate reverse thrust? Your question sounds like you're having trouble activating it. If this doesn't work, try updating your Saitek drivers. Best of luck and happy flying!