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Have windows 10 operating system loaded,. When I loaded  x-plane 10 it worked fine but since loading  x-Plane 11  every time  I try to re install my Saitek yoke driver I get the "next" grayed out. I have followed instructions re adjusting the human interface device and  "HID\VID_06A3&UP:000C_U:0001" appears in one of the HID compliant consumer control devices whic is OK however when I look at the USB input device to do adjustments , the hardware Id is "USB\VID_046D&PID_C52B&REV_2401&MI_02" Hence it will not recognise my Saitek device. How do I rectify this?
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I have just received my Pro Flight Yoke System today. I installed it and my Rudder Pedals as per instructions on my new computer and had a successful first flight in X-Plane 11.

After my computer was asleep for an hour or so, I decided to have another flight. I also decided to change my USB ports to two more convenient ones.

The rudder pedals were fine, but the Yoke was no longer recognised. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, but getting the same results described above by rpmacks.

Curiously, I plugged the Yoke into my iMac and it was recognised straight away.

The Yoke plugged into my PC does not turn on, so I don't see how I can configure it in x-plane 11 when the computer does not recognise it's existence any more.
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As far as I know, X-Plane should not need the device driver to work with the Saitek yoke. Please try configuring the device in X-Plane without the driver installed and see if it works better. Otherwise, it sounds like the issue is with the driver and we will not be able to assist with that.