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I did recently buy the Avia71 Fournier Rf6, and I got a problem.

I can start the aircraft, but after couple minutes of flying, the engine stops running and when I check the        "equipment failures" page it says "engine seize- inoperative" and also "engine fire-inoperative". What am I doing wrong?

(Yes, I´m a pretty new pilot so the solution may be very simple)

Other than that, a super cool aerobatic/trainer aircraft!


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Hi Albin,

If you do not mean to set up failures, use the "fix all systems" button in the failures window to fix all of them. Then I'd recommend unchecking the "set global mean time between failures" box. This will stop random failures from happening.

Other than that, I'm not familiar with this specific aircraft, so you'll need to make sure you're flying it properly and not causing engine problems for yourself. ;)
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And yes, I had the "allow random failures" off...

I think I might know what the problem was, the aircraft are only certified for +6/-3 g, and it could have been me going over those limits a couple of times (oops...)

Thanks for the answer!

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