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As I finished my pushback yesterday, and I began to attempt a taxi, I didn't move much. I checked my parking brake, which was clearly off. I continued to try and move, and eventually went to full throttle. At full throttle, you would move even if a break was on, and I didn't nudge. If I left it on too long, the engines would shut down. It makes this plane virtually unflyable. Please, help.

Also, my rudder pedals aren't being detected quickly, but I don't know if this is just Zibo being realistic. Same goes for my breaks on the rudder pedals.

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Hi HandsomeChocolateBar

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

I have been flying the Zibo Mod 737-800X and 737-900U aircraft for a long time  and must confess that I have never experienced the problems that you have reported?

There could be one common denominator here and that is your flight control system, as all of the issues you seem to have are related to the throttle, brake and rudder pedals!

Could I please ask what flight control system are you using and importantly, has this been properly configured within X-Plane 11's own joystick settings page?

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Zibo has built in certain protections to avoid unauthorised changes to his work. If you have added any liveries which incorporate any graphics which overwrite his, the mod is disabled in a number of ways. Yours is one, lack of duct pressure is another (I'm guessing you start with engines running).
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Following the Zibo Mod postings from XPlane .org forum, this appears to be a frequent issue.  Recent example:

If you’re seeking answers for a specific add-on aircraft, usually, there’s a much better chance that you’d get an answer from the .org site.  As this Q&A is a very general forum.

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