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How do you operate the ADF/NDB in  C-172 stock plane in X-Plane 11 at KSAC Sacramento, CA

I have no problem operating  the ADF/NDB in X-Plane 10, just when I try to use X-Plane 11 program, I am unable to get the ADF to work?


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NDBs have quite a limited range, maybe that's why... How far where you from the NDB when you were tuning your ADF on 356 kHz?
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Was about 3 miles final into Rwy 02 @ KSAC, also I try on the ramp since NDB station is there.

Have no problems with NDB/ADF in X-Plane 10, works perfectly. Only X-Plane 11 it seem to not work at all.
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Doesn't work for a distance of 19nm on the HP (Esbjerg, Denmark) NDB on 376 kHz either - in real life it has a range of 30nm. ADF needle remains unresponsive in both the standard Cessna 172 and the standard Baron.

This is X-plane 11 on the Mac platform.
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I don't know if your are asking for :How to tune ADF freq.? You only need to rotate the encoder to set the freq at the standby then click the middle button (Freq). That will set your setted standby freq to active.
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Yes after I selected the correct freg: 356 for KSAC , and activated it on the left side of the radio I still don't get any response.  Then I loaded final approach into SEA/TAC, Seattle, and tuned 281 HPK and the ADF worked find,
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If you can tune an ADF for KSEA (HPK), forget that you can receive an ADF at KSAC, which is at 537 NM distance.
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I understand the distance between SEA/TAC and Sacramento,

When I start at KSAC Sacramento Airport, CA, I am unable to get any response from the NDB,  But when I start a new flight, at SEA/TAC airport and tune in the NDB everything works great. Even the ILS  outer marker, middle markers etc.. but when I fly into Sacramento, CA KSAC I am unable to get the NDB to respond and the ILS markers don't light up, only the ILS guidance indications works perfectly, Just wondering, since this is still in Beta, maybe developers has not program this features yet?