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Just wanted to see if there was something I am missing. I tried turning off or reducing all the requirements for high processing rates. Turned off the X box switch. I still run at 8 fps max with just one screen for X-Plane 11.

Running Windows 10

My equipment is:

AMD A10-5800k 3.8 GHz processor

16 GB of DDR3 1.8 Ghz Ram

Video is Radeon R5 230 625M 2GB D3 LP HDMI


Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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According to this :

And this :

You might see improvements in the future beta releases, but maybe not too much.

Another thing, X-plane performs much better with NVIDIA cards.

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That sounds slow.  Your video card is minimum though.   Also... we're working on clouds and improving performance

The next beta should be out within the next day or so.
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I loaded the update, no improvement, looks like others have similar problems
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A strange pseudo fix.... I removed the video card altogether and the AMD processor video got XPlane11 to 30 fps on one screen. It might be that there is something going on with the PCIe bus. My MB and Processor indicate that only 2.0 is supported (not 3.0), but I don't think that should be a problem, all 3.0 boards will run 2.0? Might just be the old video card just didn't work.

More when I get some of this figured out, but any suggestions would be helpful.