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Good morning,

I have a problem with ATC in my Xplane 11 (steam version on Windows 10). Everything is Ok for my framerate in any condition but when i open the ATC windows my game is suddenly very slow and freeze... If i close the ATC window its the same.

It seem working ok in the Seattle Airport but it freeze in other place i have try... I have install free photorealist scenery in europa zone maybe it's the problem... But i have try to fly in a place with no photorealist scenery installed and it's the same...

So i can't use ATC :(

Any idea ? Thanks

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I can't reproduce this problem with a clean install of X-Plane. Maybe there are other factors involved? Make sure you don't have any plugins or other add ons that could be affecting it. Check these instructions for how to set up the rendering settings so your computer isn't overloaded.

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Ok thx. Indeed, it seems to be an add on problem...