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I purchased the 747 and helicopter. However, unlike in the "free" planes, where most of the controls, buttons, etc. can be clicked on, the two purchased planes have no working controls. How do I fix that?

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Are you sure they are X-Plane 11 compatible? also you're not being clear on what model you've bought...(model and author)
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I purchased the 747 and helicopter. Compared to the two free planes you get, the controls that you are able to operate are limited. I.e. In the purchased planes I can only operate landing gear & throttle. Is there a way to fix this?
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I think I misunderstood the whole question.  Are you talking about iOS or Android app? Or the pc / Mac version?
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Sorry about that. Should have clarified. I'm talking about the iOS version.
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I don't use that product sorry. Good luck.

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