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My wife just bought for me the Xplane 10 Global Edition (the one with 8 DVD's). The version I have is 10.32R1 (printed on the disks).  I just installed it following all your instructions both on the Quick Start Guide and on the Desktop Manual I downloaded from your site. I also used the latest installer downloaded from your site as outlined by your instructions. All 8 DVD's were read without any problem.  I then updated it using the Installer and it now shows itself to be version 10.42 (64-Bit). Now when I start Xplane from it's folder in the desktop (as outlined by your instuctions). It will not proceed and it just SHUTS DOWN with the following ERROR:

"A setting is not defined in settings.txt


Put this setting back or restore settings.txt using the installer to run 


    Attached is the LOG File which documented the error and a picture screenshot of the error.  I am an avid flightsimmer for 20 years now but this is the absolute first time I have bought and "tried" to use X-Plane. I am a new customer. My System is as follows: Intel I7-4790K, Asus Z-97 Mother Board, 32GB RAM, STRIX GTX970 GPU.   

I have never encountered a show-stopping error like this in any flight sim install.  Hopefully you can resolve this for me asap.


imageDownload file

imageDownload file


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The first suggestion I have is to run the installer. It should start with four options--pick "Update X-Plane." It will scan your installation to see if any files are missing, corrupt, modified, etc. If it finds anything, please opt to continue the update or overwrite any files if it asks.

If that doesn't fix it, I have attached a copy of my settings.txt file. You can try downloading it and replacing your problem file with this. Go to your X-Plane folder -> Resources folder and replace your settings.txt file with the attached one.