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Enclosed is the log file.  I have  downloaded XPlane 11 Demo. After opening the program the air craft just sit with a front window view of the runway.  Nothing works (Joystick is configured to Sim ).  Hat switch inoperable.  Switches unresponsive. Aircraft will not move.  It took 5 to 10 minutes for the torque gauge in the Sikorsky to move to 10%.

When this all happened I deleted the program,  went to the official Xplane 11 site and downloaded the demo again.  Same problems as the first time around.  Nothing works.  Graphics look promising,  so much more advanced that FSX,  I was really hoping to see something new in the Flight Sim World. Is There a way to get these aircraft moving?

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Do the default key assignments work? Have you calibrated the joystick? If it is not one of the ones for which a config file is provided, you'll need to assign all axes, buttons, etc before it will work. The log is truncated (X-Plane was not closed before attaching it is my guess) so that info is not provided.