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I have the newest x-plane version, and I haven't got any sound form outside ANY OF THE DEFAULT AIRCRAFT
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You can try install a second (fresh) copy of X-Plane and check if there is a sound for default aircrafts. You can do it from X-Plane Installer/Updater and clicking "Install A Second Copy of X-Plane" button.

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Check your sound card driver and update it.
Additionally go to menu Settings > Sound and check "ALL sounds" option (the checkbox should be on).
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But I have sound form other aircraft such as payware a332,a320, spitifre...etc, only defult I have a problem with.
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Well, try to reinstal your copy of X-Plane. Maybe it helps (for default aircrafts).
Also try run your X-Plane without any additional addons (try uninstall them and check again default aircrafts).