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What is so special about the steam version.  What do you get over and above the official version from Laminar Research.

Seems to me that this 3rd party company lets others do the hard work first and then "cash in" on that work.

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That's a good question. I purchased X-plane 10 on Steam, 3 years ago. Maybe because they made it possible for me to install without any DVD. I do not remember very well.

Now, for sure, you can download X-plane 11 too, so I decided not to buy via Steam. With Steam, you have a rather late access to any kind or release, no support, and annual sales.. I do not know how they share their incomes with developpers.

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There is no content difference between the Steam version and the digital download sold at Steam does take a % of all sales, so purchasing from supports Laminar Research more directly.
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Quick question, does the official website version get the same updates the steam addition does or is the website version discontinued? Because I bought the beta so I expect that I don't have to pay double for access to updates.
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Hi jroberts,

Thank you for your answer which is as I suspected.  I won't be supporting a steam version.  I will be waiting for a disc version from LR.


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All versions get the same final updates. The Steam version does not have access to early betas, only "release candidate" versions. So Steam users typically have to wait longer to try beta updates but they can get them before a version goes "final".

Copies of X-Plane purchased at do not include access to X-Plane on Steam, and vice versa.