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On the settings on X Plane 10. I sent my information to them. It is explained that this information will be used to better the game. This means if there is very little people using for instance Airports in Africa then they will not work on those airports. This is why I ask the question will there be a African airport in my lifetime.

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It's true that if not very many people are flying to or from airports in Africa, then we may not focus on those airports. 

However! Are you familiar with the Airport Scenery Gateway? You can look up any airport in X-Plane there and see if it has expanded scenery. (Anything that lists the artist as "WEDbot" is just an upload of the default scenery.)

While we are focusing our airport development efforts on the world's largest and most popular airports, you can help create the airports you want to see. If you want improved scenery at your local airport, try it yourself! Get started by downloading the free WorldEditor program here, and reading the manual here. We also have tutorials and resources here on the developer site.