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I have a newer dell xps system, and X-plane basically wont run... The installer menu just freezes, cant run demo or update... how do I completely remove this from my system and try again. I have the works on my XPS computer, latest and greatest... I want to buy it but it not running at all makes me wary... the log just constantly states "Launching"

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When you run the installer, an "Installer Log" text file should appear on the desktop. Make sure to upload that here.

Also, check to see if the installer is prompting you for Administrator Permission (this is often a pop-up window). Sometimes programs will ask for Administrator Permission and if you click elsewhere, the window won't automatically pop-up. Check your taskbar at the bottom for any popup windows (it should look like a 'shield'). If this doesn't work, remove the installer and any X-Plane contents by dragging to the Recycle bin, and try re-downloading the installer from X-Plane.com and start again.

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