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This happens for any aircraft that uses the default prop_disc textures as well as my Carenado King Air 200 which uses custom disc textures. Images below are in order of idle rpm to highest rpm. All I did was load up the newly downloaded sim, set up my rendering options, and got this. My textures are set to maximum and graphics are HDR+SSAO.

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The images did not attach. Try running the installer and picking the update option to make sure default files are intact.
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Apparently dropbox isn't helpful for sharing images. I already did a local file verification and it passed. This happens to my carenado aircraft too so i don't think the bitmaps themselves are the issue.

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The culprit was Reshade. Had to remove the opengl32.dll and  restart the sim.
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Those are really cool images! :-D Haven't seen this before!

Check that your graphics card driver is up to date. Do other combinations of rendering settings cause this? Attach a copy of your log.txt for further investigation.
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Updated the drivers and tried changing the graphics but nada. Was good tho cause they were a couple months out of date.