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I installed XPlane 11 and it is working perfectly fine but the for instance the only default B737 showing is the American livery, not the other ones like Quantas or KLM.

I tried to install another skin or livery and it doesn't appear either.

Also many airport does not show the installations, only grass.

Any help?

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Hi, Liveries have to be chosen here. Have you tried that? It works fine for me, with X-plane 11.0r1 :

About airports, on the following website, you have a global overview of what you should see in X-plane as default :


The database is getting richer and richer everyday, as you can see here :


Indeed, many airports have no 3D buildings, a not very accurate location, but thanks to many freewares, some of which are developped by Laminar Research, it is possible for any user to model his favourite airport and upload it on the scenery gateway, so that it becomes part of the default install.

I am myself a "subscribed artist" and am currently working on LFRS.

You also have a huge choice of customized airports here (among other websites):


They need to be manually installed.

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Thank you for your comments.

I will check up on that and let you know how went everything.

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You should also be able to use the mouse scroll wheel on that screen to swap liveries. :)

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