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Good afternoon,

I have installed X-Plane 11 twice now on my Windows PC and I'm experiencing the same problem. On all flights including Flight School flights when the flight loads there is a purple line down the screen, the scenery is very dark and non existent and the cockpit is not showing other than a black outline. Is this a fault with the X plane copy I have?



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Can you send a screenshot?
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Unfortunately not, I tried to take a screenshot but it just rendered a black page.


It is literally as I describe, there is a thin purple line down the middle of the screen. The sky is very dark with only limited outlines of clouds and the cockpit has no instruments displaying and is just a dark shape at the bottom of the screen.

Also I have noticed that the sound the plane makes seems unusual almost like it is doing a sound test to begin with, with different pitches. Is this normal?

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Hi, have you tried to take 2 screenshots? Sometimes, the first one is black for me too.

And another option : Maj+space, then you find the picture in X-plane11/output
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With Windows 10, use the Snipping Tool to take screenshots

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There are a couple things you can try first:

  1. Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date
  2. Make sure X-Plane has all default files by running the installer and picking the update option
Otherwise, attach a copy of the log.txt from inside the X-Plane folder. It will have information about your hardware that might give clues.
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Make sure your computer meets the hardware requirements too.