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I've noticed on the home version I purchased for testing that certain beacons are missing (ILS landing beacons).

For instance, there are no beacons at KOSC runway 24 ILS approach, and the KAPN 01 ILS approach has

the outer and middle, but no inner. If I buy x-plane 10 pro to create a BATD/AATD, will the nav database be updated

so that all the correct beacons are present?

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There are NO differences between the Home Use and Professional Use versions of X-Plane, other than the price, the license, and the things specifically called out in the Professional section of the ‘x-plane.com’ website.

Thus, if a NAVAID is missing from the home use version, it will be missing from the pro version. We are tracking missing and wrong information on NAVAIDs on the Gateway. Please go to the NAVAID tab on the bug reporter located here and fill out the form. We will get it fixed for a future update.

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