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Using the mouse to repeat back ATC communication is horribly cumbersom!! Is there a better way maybe by using a button on saitek yoke?
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Not at this time.  This "problem" has been reported numerous times.  Maybe they will fix it soon
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This is so annoying!!! Takes away from flying!!! I programmed my saitek yoke rear button to activate ATC and programmed two front buttuns for communicate com1 and communicate com2 thinking this would do it but Noooooo!!!
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I guess we're stuck with using the mouse, for now.  You could try leaving Ben a message in the developer's blog, but they have already said they will take it under consideration!
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Agreed. Very annoying. Please add a keyboard shortcut. Or X-plane should be able to use dictation- verbal commands like using Siri on Mac OS.

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Yep, we've had a feature request on file since pb5! It's a balancing act to add new features as a small team with limited time and resources.
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Adding my "vote" to this request!