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At first plane maker worked ok, it then began to be buggy freezing randomly when I used it. The freezing became more frequent. Now when opening plane-maker, it freezes at the same point every time in the load screen, so I cant even get into the program. Bellow shows the point at which it freezes. How do I go about fixing this?


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Did this start after any type of update, possibly to a GPU driver or to the OS? If so, can you roll back to a previous version? 

If it appears to be hung, attach a copy of the log.txt and get a dump file by:

  1. Open the Task Manager. (Ctr + alt + delete will bring up a list with this option.)
  2. Find the X-Plane program in the list.
  3. Right click on it and pick the option to "create dump file"
  4. When it's done, the pop up will list the file location.
  5. Navigate to the file location in the file explorer window. (It's possible one of the folders in the file path will be hidden. Follow directions here to show hidden files, if needed.)
  6. Dump files are very large so you may need to compress & upload it to a service like Google Drive or Dropbox, then use the share link.
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ok, same problem.

i sent a plane-maker dump file through google drive link