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I am getting only a partial grey section in the Plane Maker 2d view and partial instruments in the 3d view and all of the gauges are misaligned.

Windows 10 with nVidia 1070.  

Everything is fine in X Plane 11, but I cannot edit any of the Standard 2D or 3D panels because of the display problem.

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Are you having this problem with a custom aircraft or are you trying to modify one of the default aircraft? IIRC, the default aircraft panels are now all drawn via plugin and cannot be edited in Plane Maker. 

For better help with a custom aircraft design, I'd recommend the X-Plane.org developer forum.

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Yes that must be it.  I just tried to edit a new freeware plane and it seems to work as intended.

Thank you for the response.  I will check into this further as you requested.

FYI, I was initially trying to add a transponder to the Cirrus so I could use ATC with IFR.

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