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I am switching from FSX; I would like to use the keyboard for roll / pitch, etc.

I can not find a way to do this - I DO NOT want to use the mouse.

Please advise,


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Sorry, X-Plane does not support flying via the keyboard—you're stuck using either the mouse or a joystick/yoke/game controller.
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Hi eliav,

Welcome to the world of X-Plane.

I don't agree with tyler.

At the time of your posting I went searching for the list of keyboard strokes I had previously found through Dr Google and was not successful in my search and subsequently did not respond.

Since tyler's response I have now found a comprehensive keyboard stroke listing for flying without a mouse.  The link can be found at  Although it gives a listing for XP10 I have been lead to believe it works for XP11.

I know the XP10 version has a number of keyboard key strokes available as part of the use of the software and are generally found in the software drop down menus.  Again, I would be surprised if it does not work for XP11.

By the way, the site provides a lot of information just for X-plane users not just as a forum but for other "stuff" s well including freeware aircraft.  Trawl through the web site.

If you have any hardware from your FSX days then it should work with X-Plane.

Hope this helps.