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X-Plane 11 freezes when loading a new flight. I use the default 737, I tried a few different airports, mainly LSGG.

I did try to remove the few custom scenaries, aircraft and plugins I have, but it still freezes. I did manage to get a flight started by let it run during the whole night (not always sufficient, and a bit too long for my taste).

See attached log: imageDownload file

Specs that might be relevant: CPU Intel core i7 4 core 3.4Ghz, 32Gb RAM, SSD, graphic intel HD 4000, windows 10, X-Plane 11 via Steam, not sure what else is relevant.


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X-Plane can take a long time to load, but if it takes longer than a few minutes, it is probably getting hung.

If this happens:

  1. When X-Plane freezes or stops responding, note what the message is above the loading bar.
  2. Open the Task Manager. (Ctr + alt + delete will bring up a list with this option.)
  3. Find the X-Plane program in the list.
  4. Right click on it and pick the option to "create dump file"
  5. When it's done, the pop up will list the file location.
  6. Navigate to the file location in the file explorer window. (It's possible one of the folders in the file path will be hidden. Follow directions here to show hidden files, if needed.)
  7. Dump files are very large so you may need to compress & upload it to a service like Google Drive or Dropbox, then use the share link.