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I'm interested in a few virtual cockpit setups that I've seen ( is one) but they are all using very high end PCs to drive X-Plane as well as the multiple monitors and instrument panels.  

My question is regarding the upgrade path if I start small.  Is it feasible if I started with a single medium range PC such as an Intel I5 processor with a single monitor and expand later by adding a second similar PC or should I just bite the bullet and spend the big bucks up front on a high end PC?

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Hi Gary,

It's going to be up to your personal preference and budget ability of course.

In general, I would recommend buying the most powerful single computer you can, especially if having a very "pretty" sim is important to you. I have an older machine and I cannot turn on all the new rendering features--I would need a more powerful GPU in particular. While using multiple monitors with one computer is more restricted in terms of the view, it can also be set up a bit cheaper than multiple computers.