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Hello! I'm kinda new to X-Plane. I just bought the game a couple weeks ago on steam. It runs so smooth and graphics so nice! But i just wondering there will be seasonal textures at least winter ground textures? Yesterday night just planned to flight to russia on xmas just for fun but i haven't seen any snow flakes falling down. Also alaska another story.. I just checks forums people made great textures for seasons but it's quite complicated not like lua stuff also if i install those textures i know they will be removed after the update. So are you planning to put those things in future updates if you say nope then why don't you guys pick those great things and put them into the main game? Cos it doesn't matter how your flight sim powerful is if there is no seasons then you can't call that sim as realistic. Sorry!

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Seasonal textures are not available in the default sim but can be found as add ons. It is a feature we'd like to add but we are a very small team with limited time and resources to add all the new features and improvements we and all our customers want.
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Did you realize that as a small team you guys made the best non military flight sim im telling you i spent thousands hour in virtual skies and havent seen such a great sim till xp11. Thats why im taking care about this i really love xp11 otherwise i wouldnt ask that truly.. Anyways i shouldnt be so hard to make seasons after you did xp11. Btw thanks for your fast response sir.
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Let's summurise your post :

"Hi, just bought X-plane without reading much about it (Steam choice). It's nice but sorry, you can't even call it a realistic sim because I want my seasons on default install."

Have you ever heard of copyrights? Welcome to this world.

Plus, don't expect any positive reaction to your post with such a behaviour on a public forum, directly targetting a team who has been providing an incredible amount of work to bring such a high quality.

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Directly ignoring you. Sorry!