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I am using 32 bit WED 1.1 because of my "old" computer w/ Win.XP Professional.  That said, without having a preview screen, is there any way to know which "obj." files are going to transfer from the library to XP other than trial and error? I am finding far more files do not transfer than those that do or am I doing something wrong?

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I'm not exactly sure I understand the specific issue. However, I imagine it is more tied to the version of X-Plane you're using with WED. Since you are stuck with an old WED version, you might not be able to use the latest version of X-Plane (I haven't tried to check this personally). Some objects are deprecated between versions, or even during an X-Plane run (we deprecated some autogen assets during X-Plane 10). They are then hidden from the UI so people don't use them by accident. Are those the ones you're running into issues with?
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Well, I am not really too sure what all that means, but, I'll try to be more
specific on this end.
First, I am using XPlane 9.7. My computer is an HP #XW4600 3.0 GHz, 3.48 GBRam
w/ Windows XP Professional/SP3. My video card is, Radeon HD5450. Obviously, a very old system, but, this what I have.
I have been using XP for approx.5 yrs.. As being a pilot in western Montana I use XP as a supplement for flying in the mountains.
That said, I never knew about WED until recently (really, I guess I have been living in a box) To be able input more accurately with what I see out the windscreen is truly a find and very exciting. Right now I am using WED ver.. as 1.0 and 1.1 for the most part lock-up 1.2 does not.
However, over the course of approx. 11/2wks., I have uninstalled, downloaded, reinstalled all the versions of WED., took off XP twice, downloaded upgraded to XP 9.7 3 times, went through XP's repair setting a number of times, all with the same results.
Ok, in the "library" choices nearly all of the obj. files do not transfer to XP. I click on the object tool, select the object, which more often than not, does not show up in the preview pane. I then enter the object to the map, save and send to XP via. "export scenery pack".

If the chosen object(s) does show in that window (preview), it(they) will "likely" transfer for the most part. Otherwise, again, the "vast majority" will not show  (subsequently will not transfer).

Related, when I click on the airport section there has never been an option to import hangars. All other choices seem to be there, i.e, aircraft, beacons, etc, but, not that (which is what I would really like to have). In like manner, no houses, motels, businesses, etc.,
work. The only things that seem to consistently transfer are the towns.
Again, if it doesn't show in the pane it generally won't show in XP. I am guessing I might be getting 15 to 20 %, at best, of the "all" of the choices. Again, it makes no difference which version if WED I have installed at the time, I get the same results.
 So, there you have it. Not sure what's going on, but, I am sure I am
 screwing up someplace.???


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Well I don't think you are screwing up.

I see the same behavior with the WED 1.2 objects. I put 3 objects in a scenery pack and only the one that had a preview showed up in X-Plane 9. I do not have any idea why this the case, but unfortunately we no longer provide fixes for versions of WED or X-Plane this old, so it won't be changed. It seems like the work around would be to only use the items with a preview, as you noticed.
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With "Airports of the West" and others that already have the hangars installed is there any way I can copy and paste these into other airports? Or, is there another editing program I could use in place of WED given my computer?