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As the title, please help me to fix it, I cannot do any thing to fix it. It in the Asia Region especialy in Vietnam as the picture below

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Have fun with your product.

Steam is a 3rd party software package taken from the original Laminar Research software.  They are taking a commercial advantage of the work done by Laminar Research in producing XP11.

You should contact the 3rd party company/supplier regarding your current problem as from other readings in this forum Laminar Research offers no support for Steam versions.

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As Glenfer says, Steam is not the best choice you could make. You could have easily found the answer here before, as there are many posts about the topic.

That being said, what you mention is not a bug, and doesn't have anything to do with Steam.

Creating an airport takes a huge amount of work, adding 3D buildings to it takes even more time and it has not always been possible.

Laminar Research is a small team and they made the choice to focus on programming, developing the rendering machine, the  physical model etc... you can read a lot about it. They also made the choice to provide a very good documentation and very good tools, so that users can improve the "data content" of the simulator.

You can take a look at the scenery gateway to get a greater picture of all the work that is being done by volunteer developers/users (I am one of them and we are nearly 3000 just for improving default airports). On that web site, you will be able to follow this work and you will find out that 1 out of 5 airports in X-plane, has 3D buildings in it.
You will also see that an average of 10 airports are upgraded every day.

Another good news : it will be possible, in a matter of weeks, to upload airports with ground traffic. And this is thanks to the huge amount of work provided by Laminar Research team.

So if you want to browse the scenery gateway, here is the link :

All the best to you :)