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I just got Xplane 11 and cannot see any trains. Car traffic is ok, very little air traffic. Is there a special to activate those ?

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Hi f-dzt

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but you may wish to double check your X-Plane 11 graphics settings page, to see how the 'Number of World Objects' slider is set, as per the photo below?


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thank you very much

yes, I did checked that and pushed it to the maximum

still no trains but an incredibly nice view of Paris :-)

so, in theory, the trains are coming automatically per default ? right ?
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Yes, with my Number of World Objects set at medium, I see trains every now and again, so there's no reason why you shouldn't also see them :-)

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It works eventually and I saw my first trains. Not sure if they are the originals or the added ones I found on the download section but the fact is : I can see some trains between Shoreham and Brighton
a big thank you very much for your support !!!

Now I have to find out why there is so little air traffic even in big airports ….
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Hi again

That's great, glad the trains are running OK :-)

With regard to other ground and air traffic, assuming that you haven't got it already, you may wish to look at a plugin called X-Life from JARDesign @

There is a free lite version and a deluxe payware version to choose from!

Lastly, if you were happy with the assistance provided, it would be great if you could consider giving me a positive upvote on my Q&A post?

Thanks and regards
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another good advise, thank you very much for your help !!!