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I run 10.41 in W7 x64.

I cannot find a way of doing an external walk around. The key assigments listed in your manual using $ signs etc do not work on UK keyboards.

Ideally I would like to assign the hat button to left, right, up, down external views but if it has to be keys I can live with that.



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Please see the section of the manual "Configuring Keyboard Shortcuts" for instructions on how to change the mapped keys. For joystick mapping instructions, see "Assigning Functions to Buttons."

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Also if you have Track I/R you can move sideways far enough to see the aircraft from outside - I have noticed some complaints about this "out of fuselage experience" but i like it. For walkround and checks that things really are set - doors, flap, spoilers etc i just use an outside spot and rotate it around the aircraft.

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