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Perhaps I am doing something wrong but I can't seem to figure it out.  I have carefully prepared my bitmap image per the videos and believe it to be correct.  I can load it into Planemaker 11 and adjust my mesh to match it very well.  I lock it and can zoom the image in and out perfectly.  The image below is my main plane view.


The problem occurs when I switch over to the wing view.  I get the the image below.  Because it is locked, when I zoom, it zooms the entire image as seen and I can't match the mesh to the bitmap.  To make it match, I have to return to the plane view, unlock the zoom, and then return to the wing view to re-zoom the image to match. Consequently, I am re-zooming everytime I change views.

I have racked my brain over this.  I have read about the compatibility issue on Win 7 but that is not the case here.  I tried setting the Win 8 Compatibility option and that made no difference at all.

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Is this a new problem? If this appeared between versions, it might be a regression bug.
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Don't know, this is first experience using planemaker.  It is very easily recreated, at least on my system.

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