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Since the update from X-Plane Beta to final release, I am no longer able to align to an ILS localizer. I tested this a Ottawa (CYOW) RWY 07 and Toronto City Centre RWY 08.

I am using default scenery with no plugins.
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Hi, what aircraft are you using?
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Cessna 172. Have a look at the final minute or so of my video. You will notice the LOC/GS indicators are not centered thus I had to steer to correct it.
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Interesting to notice that that according to this :

The glide slope is 3.5°. So Either the Glide or the PAPI is incorrect for rwy08 at CYTZ. I will give it a try.
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Indeed, it seems to have a strange behaviour for me too. Tested it at CYTZ, RWY 07, and LFRB, rwy 25L. The selected heading seems to interfere with the nav mode when the autopilot is expected to intercept the loc. Not tested on VORs and on other default aircraft though. The glide interception seems to be quite ok, except for some oscillation on short final.

X-plane 11.01r1

Windows 8.1

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For me, I encounter the same problem at any ILS runway. The G/S works. However, the LOC is always left or right of the runway.
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Same happens here in the default Cessna 172. My Rotate MD-80 seems to be fine. These are the 2 planes I fly most frequently.

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If the ILS information is incorrect, you can file a NAVAID bug here.

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Hi again, jroberts gave the answer here about the LOC interception on default C172 autopilot :