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Dear Reader

I bought 2 licenses of XP11 to use it on two different computer (1 monitor by computer). One is using for cockpit view and another one for wing view.

I use Challenger 300 from Ddenn and when I switch off "NAV lights" it is working on the main computer (cockpit view), not for the second (wing view).

I understand that Ddenn plan use dedicated DataRefs.

1/ How I can share this DataRefs between computer?

2/ Do you know plugin to manage customers' DataRefs?

Thank you for your support, I am working to build a home cockpit with many computer and screens !!


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This may be specific to the aircraft.

I set up two computers running X-Plane with the default C172. I set up the second as a networked external visuals machine with an independent view. When I turn off lights or avionics in the mater machine's plane, it is reflected on the second computer.