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I have x-plane 11. When I run it under windows, I can configure my three monitors in x-plane settings.

When I run x-plane 11, on the same PC but under Linux Fedora, in the x-plane settings I see only one monitor.

What should I do to get my three monitors to work with x-plane 11 under Linux ?

Note: all three monitors are connected to the same NVIDIA GTX 1080 card.

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It appears this is not working on Linux yet. You should still be able to work around it some by:

  1. Making 1 giant monitor that spans the desktop DEPENDING on the Linux settings
  2. Pop off and drag around floating windows (GPS, ATC, map, etc)
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I am looking into using X-Plane 11 on Linux, and also need multi-monitor capability, where each monitor displays a different viewing frustum into the out-the-window. Spanning four monitors with a single view is not an option. For the reason why, see

So the previous message was 9 months ago. Has the multi-view capability been added to X-Plane 11 for Linux in the meantime?
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Multi-view on multiple monitors on a single computer has not been and probably will never be implemented on any platform due to design limitations within the view system.
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Maybe not using X-Plane 11. Perhaps I should ask Russ Barlow? He appears to have gotten multiple monitors working on a single computer with X-Plane 11 beta 3. and Don't know whether that's on Windows or Linux. Anyone?
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Here's my fix for tripplescreen under linux

3x 1920x1080 screens

put script in X-Plane 11 dir

if the screens are opening on top of eachother run script again with

./newstarter fix

With regards,


:~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/X-Plane 11$ more newstarter
if [ -z $1 ] ; then
./X-Plane-x86_64 --monitor_bounds=0,0,1920,1080,1920,0,1920,1080,3840,0,1920,1080
 while [  $count -lt $numscreens ]; do
    sleep 1
    count=$( wmctrl -l | grep X-System | wc -l)
wmctrl -l | grep X-Syst |awk '{ print $1 }' | while read ; do
    wmctrl -i -r "$REPLY" -T "X-System_$screencount"
    let  screencount=screencount+1
wmctrl -r "X-System_1" -e 1,0,0,1920,1080
wmctrl -r "X-System_2" -e 1,1920,0,1920,1080
wmctrl -r "X-System_3" -e 1,3840,0,1920,1080