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I am the owner of the Youtube channelñol
At the moment I am making videos and people of the group of the channel we are developing scenarios with own objects.
I would like to make the request that Laminar do something like "GATEWAY" with the 3D objects. In other words, a Database of Objects in 3D, much wider than the current objects of x-plane, and that people can collaborate by raising their objects in 3D so that others can use them for their scenarios.
It would be a great help, so you do not have to have installed 300 third-party libraries, disorganized, with duplicate objects ..etc ...
In addition, every x-plane upgrade would incorporate 3D objects, so that everyone could have the scenarios without relying on third-party libraries.
A "GATEWAY" of 3D Objects already, PLEASE !!!!!

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Laminar Research has very high standards for objects and aircraft that are part of the default sim. It takes a lot of time and skill to create high quality objects and we are working with our paid artists to get more.  It is unlikely that top quality artists want to provide their work for free. If there are artists that would like to donate their obj libraries to LR, they can contact us directly for case by case evaluation. :)