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Hey everyone, I purchase X-plane a while ago and I would like to use Steam via the streaming option however whenever I try to Stream it does not work correctly. Can anyone give me any pointers on how to set this up? If there is any additional configurations necessary? I am streaming from a loaded i7 4790k to a MacBook Pro via N wireless so I should have plenty of computing power and plenty of network bandwidth.

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Hi Kimchi,

X-Plane 10 is available as three separate products: on DVD, from Steam, and through proprietary Digital Download. They do not cross over--i.e. if you bought the DVD, you cannot use the digital download. Or if you bought the digital download from, it is not useable with Steam. You did not specify what version you have, but if you didn't buy X-Plane through Steam you will not be able to use it with Steam.
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This doesn't come close to answering my question. I purchased X-Plane through Steam and am trying to use the Stream Stream option to play the game. When I begin to stream the game it opens the loading screen, and then when you chose your airports and plane type is stops steaming.