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I'm trying the DEMO of the current version of "Sim-Avionics" glass display package also using current version of XPUIPC and cannot get Sim-Avionics to recognize XP 11   Sim-Avionics comes up and runs fine by itself but will not see XP 11.  Anyone out there using an avionics package that works w / XP 11 ?



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You might double check with Sim-Avionics to see if they support and have updated to be compatible with X-Plane 11. Also try removing any other plugins to see if it helps.

Sometimes with networked programs like Control Pad it helps if you start X-Plane first and then the other program/app second to make sure the X-Plane beacon is found.
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Thank you for your prompt reply.

The only plugins I am using are the pollypot  GoFlight / XP 11 interface and XPUIPC. Additionally, I always start XP first, then other apps in order.

I did see a gentlemen on youtube using XP 10 with Sim-Avionics with great success.  

Any other information you can offer would be appreciated. Is there an alternate glass package that interfaces w / XP 11 ?

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