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Hi, I have a problem. I've download csl package. When I'm connecting to IVAO network and I want to fill flightplan i choose ZIBO B738 and when i want to select airline livery Polish LOT, there is a problem. IVAO can't see any livery of LOT airline. In CSL folder there is a livery, but i don't know what happened. The folder called " B738w". It means only models with winglet? Please give me some advice.

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Hi damwal

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK and forgive me, but how does your post referring to the IVAO network relate to X-Plane 11, could you please clarify where the link is?

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In flightplan window, you have a ICAO code of your aircraft, for example B738 and different livery to show the other players your aircraft. This should be updated with csl updater. I've done this step and when I want to select from list Polish LOT livery, there's no results.. On the main folder CSL there are 3 different folders 1) B738 2) B738 (s) and 3) B738 (w). Searching is only at first folder, but this livery what I want to use is in the B738 (w) folder.. And i don't know how to fix this problem, to show liveries from folders 2 and 3
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Hi Greengolfer
May I join the discourse?

Xplane11 offers a network facility. Through this there is a opportunity for Multiplayer, External Visuals, Iphone, iPad and external apps, along with Xavion, FlyQ and other mapping apps.
I too am suffering lost data working within these services.
In networking, there is often no information packet regarding liveries. There is often extra data which shows, gpu, chocks, even tugs associated with aircraft that are airborne.
Damwal above mentions IVAO but his problem like mine is with the LR method of data share and connectivity, particularly missing packets.

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