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Trying to install purchased XP11 on Win7pro machine.  It stalls at a 'will init.net'   I do not have a joystick yet, so no hardware on the machine.  Hi spec HP i7 laptop.  Everything loaded from the DVDs and I updated via the net before running for the first time.  Had disk 1 in the drive as advised from the quick start manual.  Machine just sits there with XP11 loading page and locks up machine.


Help please
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Hi Alan,

I am no way associated with Laminar Research.  

My understanding is the official version (Laminar Research) of discs being available will be another two weeks.  Are the discs you recently purchased a Steam version.  If so, they are a third party product taking a commercial advantage of the development work by Laminar Research.

There are comments in this forum by Laminar Research staff stating they do not support the Steam version and you should contact the third party for assistance.


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Thanks a lot for the info Glenn.   It is indeed a Laminar Research set of DVDs (very posh in it's metal box).

I've managed to get XP to start now by disabling my antivirus (F-Secure) so now all I have to do is find out exactly what it's doing to prevent the net connection.  I've tried excluding the XP folder from the AV and also turning off its firewall.  Both to no avail, so I guess there's more to try.   Also every time I start XP, when the AV is disabled it asks me for Disk1 which I guess authorises the install.   At least I've seen it working now on this machine so I have a lot more confidence of solving this.  It was either fight this one or install XP on my MacBook Pro, which I'm sure is under resourced compared to the PC laptop.

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