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I bought xp11. Installed disc 1 and response was

x-planeinstaller.exe has stopped working.

a problem caused the program to stop working. And then closes.

I have no clue why. I would assume it would be some kind of incompatability.

Any ideas anyone ??
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How do I check my system for compatability?

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Hi dmath1764,

I am not with Laminar Research or XForcePC; just a flight simmer living down under.

I am unable to offer technical reasons why disc 1 will not load during the installation process.  Hopefully someone other than these "course writing sprukers" of recent times will offer some positive information.

However, if your "compatability" question relates to the suitability of your computer have a look at the following link at

To get the best benefit from X-Plane, because it is CPU (processor) and GPU (graphics card) resource hungry, many flight simmers build their systems over and above the recommended system requirements.  This is more so for those flight simmers wanting to use the virtual reality goggles.

If you find you need to upgrade your computer look towards a windows based purpose built PC rather than an apple system.  Why?

1.  Although X-Plane is developed using a Mac, one Laminar Research staffer recommends going this way.  Laminar also recommends a specific PC supplier in the USA (XforcePC);

2.  You will get better value for money ie cost less, than what you will spend on an alternative operating system manufacturer.  This type of system also gives you the benefit or advantage of upgrading individual components in due course whereas fixed off the shelf systems have extremely limited upgrade capabilities (memory only?); and

3.  Currently Intel processors ie i5 or i7, and NVidia graphics cards give a better performance than AMD components.  These components have the ability to be overclocked for greater speed of operation but requires good cooling. 

Not knowing where you reside and if you find you need to upgrade, have a look at the following link for XForcePC at  This link will give you an indication of the specifications of a suitable PC to build or purchase off the shelf.  This company, as mentioned earlier is recommended by Laminar Research as the supplier of suitable PCs for X-Plane

The owner of the company is Michael Brown who has and does provide useful information related to flight simulation through his YouTube videos.  The videos can be found  at

As a sideline issue and another rush of blood to the head, make sure your antivirus software is not blocking the installation process.  You will need to disable this until the installation process is complete.  This could be the answer as you are having trouble with the initial installation disc.  The PC compatibility issue should  come into effect once the installation process is complete.

Hope you find an answer to your installation problem very quickly.