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Dear X-Plane team,


When I bought the game from Steam, everything was perfect until today when X-Plane stopped reacting to most of the keyboard buttons that I press, I can't see the map, I can't retract the landing gears and many other functions that I lost because of this bug.

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You can try resetting your preferences to see if something got messed up. Find the X-Plane root folder:

  • Start STEAM. Goto LIBRARY.
  • Right click on your X-Plane
  • Choose Properties.
  • In the rising window choose LOCAL FILES.
  • And than choose BROWSE LOCAL FILES.
  • Now you are in the X-Plane Main (Root) Folder and you see the path in your file explorer.

Go to the output folder & move, rename, or delete the entire preferences folder.

Also, make sure your frame rate is over 20 fps. Everything in X-Plane is tied to frame rate so if it drops too low it can take such a long time to respond to mouse clicks or button presses that it seems like they're not working.

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