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The title of the question pretty much sums up my query really. I have owned the X Plane 11 license since the beta (before Steam release) which I didn't know was going to happen and I would like to swap it for a Steam key. You wouldn't think it makes any difference at all, but for me at least, I try to keep all of my games on Steam where possible, since it's possible, I would like to try and take advantage of that.

If it's something you'd do, who should I contact? I imagine it's not a problem as it's the same game and the process is as simple as giving me a Steam key and deactivating my current key.

Thanks in advance.
closed with the note: Realised I don't actually want to swap it. I didn't care anyway.

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Have you read this post?
I am not part of Laminar Research team, but I think you should be happy with your choice..
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Yeah you're probably right... I wasn't bothered anyway it would've been nice but not essential. Thanks.