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Hi , All,

Flying XP 10 & 11 and owning the MCP Combo II (Boeing style) for quite some time, just wondered when will it be possible to integrate it with XP 10 & the utmost exciting 11.

FYI - few days ago passed same question to VR Customer Support and got the following, quote:

"Unfortunately, VRinsight 's MCP Combo II does not support X-Plane, because we cannot find interfacing

software kit (SDK) of x-plane"....  unquote...   

I assume this may be dealt by X-Plane Management, thus would like to learn more if/when that issue might

be solved either way.   

Warm Regards, 

Aaron D. 

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Laminar Research is looking into native VR support for X-Plane. We are aware the SDK documentation is incomplete and are working on more docs, but we are limited by being a small team with limited time and resources.