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If You use the glidepath indication at the instructor monitor during an ILS approach, the plane is allways slightly below  the glidepath. I think that the end of the glidepath is placed to the end of the runway and not at the touch down area of the used runway. I´ve observed this situation e. g. EDDV, EDWX, ETHB, EDDG, LOWI, LOWS.

Is there any way to adjust the glidepath indication?

By the way in a future release of X-Plane 11, the centerline indicator should be presented too.

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Please check that you have the ILS approach selected. It is possible in X-Plane 11 to select just the runway instead of the ILS approach, and this changes where the glidepath originates.
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Hi jroberts,

the selection of my used RWY07 in EDDG is indicated yellow at the map on the second Monitor. The ILS frequency is adjusted as well for this approach.  You can select the ILS RWY 07. I did´nt select the Standard RWY.

I run an additional test, using still the ILS appraoch for RWY07, but in this case I´ve selected ILS RWY25 for the glidepath indicator. The plane is shown nearly at the glidepath until you will reach the middle marker. Then again it is indicated sligtly below the glidepath. If you are looking at the instrumenents, both indicators are on centerline resp. on glidepath until touch down.

I am using x-plane 11, Version 1101r2 (110102 64 bit)
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Hi JRoberts,

I´ve tested today again ILS approaches on German airfields (EDDV 09L, EDDV 27R, EDLP 06, EDXW 32). I was a little bit surprised. The glidepath indicator works now properly. I am still using the version 1101r2 (110102 64 bit). Is it possible, that there are non shown background patches,  which are integrated as functionality  in X-Plane 11 :-))?

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