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It would be great to get input from one of the software developers on this question.

My question refers to the following multiple monitor setup supported by X-Plane 11 and described in the online user manual under "Driving Multiple Displays from One Computer":

"If your monitors are separate displays and you also don’t want to have X‑Plane windowed, in the Monitor Configuration box you will need to set each monitor to “Full Screen Simulator.” Then you will need to adjust the offsets in the Visual Offsets section.

For a wrap-around, 3-monitor configuration:

  • Left monitor: set the Lateral rotational offset to the negative of your main monitor’s Lateral field of view (FOV)
  • Center monitor: no offset
  • Right monitor: set the Lateral rotational offset equal to your main monitor’s (positive) Lateral FOV"

Using the above multiple-monitor configuration, will X-Plane 11 operate as expected if I have each of my left, center and right monitors driven by a separate GPU?  These GPUs will not be SLI bridged.  In other words, will X-Plane 11 recognize the separate GPU for the separate left, center and right views, or will it nevertheless try to run all three views through a single GPU?  (Assume for this purpose that I have a sufficiently powerful CPU and GPUs.  My question is about software design/hardware configuration compatibility and not about processing power or frame rates.)