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is there a way to create and assign a specific view (internal or external) to a keyboard key or a joystick button, to get back to it instantly, from wherever I am positioned (inside the plane or somewhere else around it) ?

For example, I like to get an external view of my helicopter / plane seen from the rear left and just above it, near the tail, to better judge of it's position relative to the runway. To obtain that specific view, I have first to get the "circle view" from outside the plane and position it exactly where I want it to be. Then, ifI go to an internal view and I want to get back again to that specific external view (near the tail) I have to recompose it all over again each time I want to see it.  It takes time and it is annoying.  Furthermore, if you are about to touch down, you don't have time to recompose that view of the plane about to hit the runway.

I tried the "Quickviews" described in the X-Plane 11 manual but I am not able to make it work (I don't use a keyboard with a numeric pad)  The only views I can assign or my keyboard / joystick are "predefined" views and I cannot assign the ones I want to create on my own.

Can someone help me with this issue, please ?
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Hi, have you tried to change the ctrl+numpad functions that assign, and the numpad functions that display the quickviews? You can probably choose different keys and joystick buttons... i haven't tried it myself though.
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I don't have a numeric keyboard !
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Yes, sorry, i just edited the answer
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Also, according to this page, Laminar Research is intending to work on the hat switches.. I am not sure but it might give more flexibility to the assignments once it is fixed..

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The only way I know of to assign custom views is through the quick look function. I actually just tried using those commands assigned to joystick buttons and it seemed to work though.

My steps:

  1. Assign "memorize 3-d cockpit location #1" to a joystick button
  2. assign "go to save 3-d cockpit location #1" to a different button
  3. set up custom view
  4. press button assigned to the command in step 1
  5. change the view
  6. press button assigned in step 2 & get custom view