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I have asked this on 2 or 3 forums but have not had a reply.

I am a longtime Rift user and had setup my external views on the Oculus joystick so I could move around the aircraft + move up and down AND move in and out.

This was setup on a version of Xplane about a year ago and worked very well.

I used this without any problem on 11.20 - 11.30 including all the beta versions and 11.30rc1

For Xmas I upgraded to a 500gb M.2 drive, to be used for XP 11.30 and Orbx scenery.

I deleted my old versions of Xplane and re-installed fresh into the M.2 drive

Question have we lost the setup for the custom view setup on the Oculus, did it go missing when the custom curves were introduced ??

Or has any one got a working oculus config file I can import into Xplane 11.30 RC2

PS I can config the external view to pan left/right & pan up/down but not the move in and out .

ANY help at all on this as its drive me nuts

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Hi g0emf,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Have you completely deleted your old files or are they parked in a recovery directory somewhere in your system?

On the basis they are in a recovery directory restore to your old location.  Provided X-Plane is in a complete format after restoration ie not mixed within other directories such as your operating system, then perform a simple "cut" from your old location and "paste to your new M.2 drive.  A simple operation as X-Plane has this unique arrangement of being a standalone directory unlike other flight sim packages loading all over your file structure/system like a "dog's breakfast"

If your system is lost, good luck with somebody helping otherwise you will have to start the configuration all over again.

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Hi thanks for the reply, problem is that I am not able to configure the new installation of Xplane to get the move in/out out function working.

Looks like this function has been removed on the newer versions of Xplane

So if you just "update" to the latest version and it was configured on a older version then you are OK but if you install a new copy then its impossible to set this up???   I think that's what has happend??