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Good Evening Sir/Madam,

This week I have purchased X- Plane 10 / Xplane 11 & the IXEG 737, I am currently writing to you in regards to X-Plane 10 V I have searched everywhere to find a definitive or working solution to this problem and tried to find a solution myself with no success. My problem is as follows I start a flight and do all my preparation, pushback, taxi, commence the takeoff roll as normal. However, this is where my problems develop usually after I have rotated and raised the landing gear X-Plane will CTD in either 2 ways.

1 - The window pops up "X-Plane has stopped working"

2 - My screens go dark for all of 2 seconds and upon coming back on I receive the window "X-Plane has stopped working"

I have contacted IXEG and they have informed me this is an X-Plane software issue. Please see all the crash logs below for more info but every time it's always the same .dll file nvoglv64.dll.

Here's what I have done so far using the process of elimination with no success:

1 - Disable Plugins (Unsuccessful)
2 - Increased TDR Delay & set graphics to Minimum (Unsuccessful)
3 - Try where there is no custom scenery (unsuccessful)
4 - Run in 32 Bit Mode (IXEG Won't run in 32bit)
5 - Run with weather at clear & day (Unsuccessful)
6 - Disable Second Monitor  (Unsuccessful)
7- Rolled 376.53 Back Drivers to 378.92 (Unsuccessful)
8 - Change Plugins to use integrated graphics GPU (unsuccessful)

I have now spent over £100 on X-plane platforms just so I can fly the 737 and yet all it seems to have done is let me down in a spectacular fashion.

Here are my system specs : X-Plane 10 V10.51 / Running as Admin (always) / Windows 10 64 Bit / Intel i7-6700k Skylake 4.00 GHz Quad Core / Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB / 16GB DDR3 Ram / No Overclocking

imageDownload file

Kind Regards Harry

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Hi Harry, I am not sure this is 100% relevant, but could you include the .rpt file in Output/Crash Reports?

Another idea : could you unplug your joystick, launch your sim, go through the same process and fly with the mouse (better with no wind). I might be wrong but your sim seems to be reloading a flight at the very end...
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Hi amelingu, thanks for your reply i will try this and report back :)


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Hi Harry,

Unfortunately, even if IXEG wants to blame X-Plane, if the issue doesn't happen with any of the default planes it's unlikely to be us. To rule out anything else interacting with the plane, I would recommend downloading a clean copy of the demo if you can and using that to test.

When X-Plane stops working you can try to get a dump file:

  1. Open the Task Manager. (Ctr + alt + delete will bring up a list with this option.)
  2. Find the X-Plane program in the list.
  3. Right click on it and pick the option to "create dump file"
  4. When it's done, the pop up will list the file location.
  5. Navigate to the file location in the file explorer window. (It's possible one of the folders in the file path will be hidden. Follow directions here to show hidden files, if needed.)
  6. Dump files are very large so you may need to compress & upload it to a service like Google Drive or Dropbox, then use the share link.
  7.  File a bug report with the link to the dump file + the log.txt.